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Holistic Dog Grooming

I got the opportunity to change my career in 2019.  I decided that I wanted my new career to be with dogs.  I have always loved dogs; I am that crazy dog lady who speaks to all the dogs!  

My back garden and home belongs to your dog to have fun and be stress-free.  The garden hosts a specially designed lodge in a fully enclosed garden, where your dog will be groomed.  But dogs don’t like being groomed …

Dogs get stressed when being groomed and some react to that more than others.  During my training and beyond, I didn’t like to force dogs to do something that made them stressed.  I don’t like being forced to do things.  I found myself starting my new career and very quickly became stressed and anxious myself.  After much research, I now take a holistic approach to dog grooming.  That means, I use cruelty-free, natural dog grooming products, I have a stress free environment by using essential oils and calming music when grooming which benefits both me and the dogs that come in.  I also use force free grooming methods to keep dogs calm and stress free.

I have recently started studying a course on Low Stress Handling that was devised by Dr Sophia Yin, who believes we can interact with animals without using force.

Following holistic grooming means I do not use crates in the lodge.  The garden and my home is my “crate”.

When grooming, we have regular breaks for play and treats!

I may even give dog-parents some homework!

I believe I offer a huge amount of flexibility in terms of drop off and collection.  You may need to drop your dog off early or not be able to collect in the 15 minute timeframe – no problem – just let me know and if I can accommodate, I will.

I groom on a 1-2-1 basis and put aside enough time so as not to rush appointments and cause stress to either the dog or myself.  Dogs have a great sense of feelings so if I’m stressed, the dog will pick up on it and get stressed themselves.  And they don’t know why they are stressing!

Due to my grooming style, dogs who are anxious about going to a salon, are welcome and may even enjoy the experience!


Welcome to the perfect dog haven

Only the Best for Our Best Friends

Our Packages

Note:- Price is dependent on the dog breed, condition of coat and their behaviour

Full Wash Cycle

This is the doggie works!
Pre-Shampoo brush and skin checked for any irritations, shampoo, blow dry, brush/de-shed, sanitary area cleansed, nails clipped, ears cleaned
You will get your loveable friends back looking and smelling amazing!

Quick Spin

This will help your dogs coat looking and smelling fantastic for longer between full grooms.   
Pre-brush, shampoo and blow dry

Hand Strip

Only suitable for certain coat types.  This is a special technique where the coat is "plucked' using my fingers.  

Common breeds are Cairn Terriers and some spaniels.  


A variety of Spa treatments are available

coconut pre-wash treatment

brown sugar and honey scrub

variety of facials

specialist shampoos and conditioners


Dental Hygiene is vital to your dogs health.  The Emmi Pet is ultrasonic so no noises or vibration.  An effective way to break down plaque and tartar build up and potentially save expensive veterinary bills.

An initial consultation will determine how many treatments will be required before maintenance appointments are offered.

Please not veterinary dental hygiene advise and guidance should still be considered

Groom and Play

Need to drop your dog off before starting work and collect after?
We offer a Groom and Play package between 8:00am and 6pm (other times can be arranged at discretion)

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the Laundromut Loyalty club

This is the perfect plan for dogs who love a spa day and owners who want to spread the costs and guarantee your grooming visits for your special dog

Unlike other loyalty plans where you have to wait to collect your reward our plan rewards your loyalty on every visit*
Don’t carry cash, this is perfect for you as your direct debit comes out every month and your bookings are in the diary!

Get in touch to see if you qualify

*Saving of 10% only applies if your appointment is upheld and regular cancellations are not the norm.   So please don’t be offended if you have to wait on a future appointment.    Bookings cannot be carried over from year to year.   The booking year is from sign up. 
T&Cs are supplied to you on booking.

My private garden dog grooming service is based in Grangemouth, less than 10 minutes (3 miles) from Falkirk therefore suitable for Skinflats, Falkirk, Stenhousemuir, Larbert, Carronshore, Boness and Linlithgow. However due to the care and attention I take to only have 4 dogs per day and the home from home environment I have clients from Cumbernauld, Airdrie, Coatbridge, Edinburgh, Livingston and even East Kilbride!