Nervous dog sleeping being groomed

Meet Archie. He is a rescue. He was seeing a groomer regularly and bonded with them. So when that groomer left the shop, Archie had to start the process of trusting another person again.

He has been to me a few times now. Initially his owner muzzled him.

Over the visits, we have gradually reduced the amount of time his owner stays and the amount of time the muzzle is on.

Today, he had a full groom with no muzzle and no owner.

I have been learning a new technique called Trust Technique which, simply put, is meditating with the dogs! I though what the …! But it’s amazing! I sat very still with Archie and let my mind settle. He soon came to copy me and he relaxed too. He lay down and we just sat for about 10 mins, chilling!

I kept my mind clear the whole groom so he could mirror that and feed off my energy state. Bit woo woo I know!

He was sleepy …

I think all dogs are nervous when they attend a new groomer. Just like humans can get nervous doing new things. It can take time to get to know each other and above all, trust each other. The first groom may not be brilliant cause both dog and groomer need to get to know how to work together.

Please don’t be put off if the first groom isn’t amazing, by any groomer. It’s like taking a child somewhere new, like a nursery. The first few times they are a bit unsettled. But once they have adapted and relaxed, they soon settle in.

S x