Things are slowly starting to return to some sort of normal.  I’m not convinced things will be what they were in the near future.  But I’ll take what we have.  I recently went out for a meal in Falkirk and it didn’t feel comfortable at all.  I wasn’t sure what I was allowed to do and what I couldn’t do!  It was nice however to be out socialising again.

I am making a few changes to The Laundromut …

I am bored of my lodge so want to make some changes. I am going to paint inside and get some new flooring.  I have thought of investing in a hydro bath also.

Drop off and pick up has been a little difficult to get right.  As you know, access to my garden is through my neighbours and I don’t like people walking through without my consent.  I also might have dogs running about my garden and I always get the fear that they will escape if someone comes in.  I am generally picking dogs up from the front of the house so stay in your car and I’ll come and get you.  Means I have to face the weather, where you can stay in the warmth of your car!

I have started a new training course called The Trust Technique.  You can see more about this on You Tube.  Basically, its about meditating and because dogs are so closely connected emotionally, they also go into a calm, mediative state.  I am really enjoying it.  I will be practising this with all dogs that come in so I can get them calm and relaxed before a groom.  I’ll let you know how your dog responds.

I have enquired about a Reiki course so watch this space.

I have been back working for a while now.  I know a lot of you have commented about a change in your dogs behaviour during lockdown.  Dogs will be affected by the change.  Even my two were a bit confused and I work from home anyway.  If you are still working from home, start leaving them in a different room for a short period, try not to fuss over them, let them settle somewhere on their own for a bit, try not to change their routine with feeding and walking.  Some dogs are more sensitive than others.

I had put my prices to an hourly rate as I don’t just “groom”.  Your dog gets so much more.  However, I got feedback from you and there was some concerns about this.  I understand.  I will therefore put my prices per breed, which was my normal charging structure.  My prices reflect what I do here and what I offer.  Please ask if you have any concerns.