I’m relaxing in the sun today! Hope you are all enjoying the weather!

I posted recently about my price increase however on further reflection, I’m changing my pricing structure completely. I’m going to tell you why…

I follow fear free techniques and have and continue to, invest in training and increasing my knowledge in dog behaviour. Fear free/trust based techniques initially take time. If I have a large breed that takes me 2.5 hours to groom but may have a smaller breed that takes me 3 for various reasons (matted coat, anxiety, stress etc) then I need to spend more time with that dog initially. The idea is to get the dog to trust me and the time will reduce. Does that make sense? This is my preferred way to groom for your much loved dog and for me.

I am always here to help out whether that is cutting nails, dealing with ingrown dew claws, accidents at home – I’m here to help you.

The dogs get the use of my garden
And home which means I go through a lot of poo bags! More importantly I have to disinfect my garden regularly.

I want to continue to give you a thank you for coming to The Laundromut. I love making the dogs ice cream and biscuits! I also use treats for training. I make spritzers for you to use post groom. Or your dog will get a bow or bandana.

So my hourly rate is £27. This is effective from
1st July. Time refers to time in bath and table – not the full time they are here.

Please message me directly if you have any questions or concerns. This does not affect The Loyalty Club Members.

Susan x