I have two Golden Retrievers.  I’ve never had a Golden before.  Before Belle, we had a Rottweiler called Amber. She was an amazing dog, such an amazing breed.  So why didn’t we go for a Rottweiler again?  Amber passed away in 2013, just after we got married.  She had cancer in her front leg.  She was 12.  The vet said we could amputate but age wasn’t on her side.  There was no way that the cancer was going to go away without leaving her in a lot of pain, so we had to say goodbye.  I spent a lot of time with Amber when she was a pup, attending training, 2 or 3 different classes per week, always out socialising her.  I felt it was so important to do that with her.  It was very time consuming and I wasn’t sure I could give the same level of  dedication this time so we opted for a Golden.

Over the last 5 and a bit years, I have gathered some observations on Goldens:

  1. Food.  Boy can a Retriever eat!  Belle will actually eat anything, absolutely anything.  When out walking, she will pick up everything.  My girls were boarding at Dunsmore Dogs in Alloa in January and one of the updates was “Belle has eaten half a kebab, a Greggs Sausage Roll and half a bag of buttons”!  She obviously has a stomach made of steel!  We actually laugh and say we will be alright if there is a famine but the problem is, Belle wouldn’t share!
  2. Stealing.  Belle’s favourite game is to put her head into my sock drawer, grab and run.   Then the game continues until a sock tsunami has happened in the house!  I keep saying I need to train Belle to steal Louis Vuitton bags!
  3. Eat, sleep.  Walk, sleep.  Play, sleep.  Sleep, sleep.  I mean how much can a dog sleep.  Everything seems exhausting to them!  And boy can they snore eh!  I sometimes wonder if we stay on a farm and a tractor is coming into the house but nope, its them snoring!
  4. Hairs – they are absolutely everywhere.  You eat them, wear them, have them in your eyes, just everywhere.  I’ve brushed my teeth and they are on my toothbrush!  To my knowledge, the girls don’t get near my toothbrush!  I must speak to Mike about that?!
  5. Affection – now this is were Tara is a master.  That girl can give affection.  She just can’t get enough.  And I’m not complaining!  Although the constant pawing to keep the cuddles coming can be distracting, especially when she gets you right in the throat!
  6. Goofy – “zoomies”.  Run as fast as they possibly can for a few minutes and then look at you as if to say “what the f*&! did I just do”!  I’d love to know what goes on in their head that they have zoomies!  Must be a release for them eh!  I can’t run that fast and if I did, I’m liable to pass out!
  7. So to say they are dim …  Tara is our youngest and is more street wise than Belle.  They understand some things but not much!  For instance, they are called Retrievers – neither of my two could retrieve anything!  Belle would eat it if it is edible (or not!), Tara would run about with it in her mouth.  You might’ve seen the egg challenge with Retrievers on facebook, where the Retriever holds an egg in its mouth, proving how soft their mouth is.  That didn’t work in our house!
  8. When a Retriever greets you, the bring you something.  I’m not talking a nice glass of wine or a box of chocolates, its more than likely one of YOUR shoes or one of their stinky toys.  They don’t want to give it to you, just present it to you!

I’m sure you have other traits on Retrievers – I’d love to hear them!